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The purpose of this term is to regulate the rights of enterprises, companies, and members using the MICARD service (Chinese name “元訊卡”) provided by Metro Info Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, “we”, “MI”) and using various services (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”, “MICARD”). By using this Service, you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by these terms, and comply with all local laws and regulations. These terms and all policy terms published on our website represent the entire agreement between you and this Service regarding our terms. Since the Company’s services are constantly reviewed and subject to change, the Company may modify these terms without prior notice to the user. These terms and other policies of the Company take effect from the date of announcement. From the effective date of these terms and policies, MI users continue to use the Company’s services, representing that the user has read and agreed to be bound by these terms and policies, and agreed to all revised content of these terms and policies. If you cannot agree to the modified content of these terms and policies, you should immediately stop using this Service and request us to terminate your user account to protect the rights and interests of both parties.


1.(Noun Definition)

  • Metro Info Limited(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, “we”, “the corporation”, “MI”)
  • The “user” referred to in the MICARD Service Terms means a person who has completed the registration procedure according to the procedures set forth on this website and has been certified by the Company as eligible to use the Service.
  • The “you”, “your” referred to in the MICARD Service Terms mean any individual or entity using the website, WEB, APP applications or any aspect of the Service.
  • The “account” referred to in the MICARD Service Terms means a set of alphanumeric and textual symbols approved by the Company that you register to use various services provided by the Company and to identify your identity.
  • The “account” referred to in the MICARD Service Terms means a set of alphanumeric and textual symbols approved by the Company that you register to use various services provided by the Company and to identify your identity.
  • The “password” referred to in the MICARD Service Terms means the alphanumeric and textual combination that you self-define for using various services provided by the Company and to regulate and protect personal or company data.

2.(Acceptable Use Policy)

  • You need to create an account to log in and use our services. The information provided in the registration process should be true, accurate, and complete. Please remember to keep your account/password updated when using this service. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your account, including the account and password provided at the time of account creation. The account and password must be kept properly and can only be used by you or the company owner. The Company will consider all activities carried out using the account and password as actions of the account holder “you”. If you suspect or discover that your account has been compromised, please notify us as soon as possible.
  • MICARD users should always protect/manage their account and password registered/applied with the Company’s services. The Company recommends that users set a password that is at least moderately secure (including upper and lower case letters and numbers). If any damage or impact is caused to the user due to failure to comply with the above recommendations, the Company will not be responsible for it. However, the Company promises to do its best to protect the security of the user’s account.
  • The account of this Service cannot be resold, transferred, gifted, or inherited to avoid improper use. If the user no longer uses the account, the user should apply to the Company to delete the account.
  • MICARD users are reminded that when logging into the Service account on an untrusted device, they must log out of their account completely and clear any records that may be left behind after use to ensure the security of their account.
  • If the Company believes that a user has violated or has already violated the content of the MICARD Service Terms, the Company may suspend or delete the account of the MICARD user without prior notice to the user.

3.(Payment and Cancellation of Services)

  • The term “charging” or “subscription” refers to the individual or entity, whether already a MICARD user or not, who agrees to and complies with these terms and intends to subscribe, renew, or purchase any service under the Company, resulting in personal or entity action.
  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older. If you are under the age of 18 and have to use our services, you hereby agree that your legal guardian has read these terms in detail and agrees to be bound by these terms, and you are responsible for this.
  • If you are under the age of eighteen (18) and subscribe, purchase, or prepay for this Service, and the Company confirms that the buyer has not obtained the consent of their parents or legal representatives, the Company has the right to cancel the purchase and subscription of this Service.
  • The Company accepts payment by your credit card through Stripefor any product you wish to purchase, subscribe, or renew on the Service and this fee is used to pay the Company’s payee for the transaction.
  • When paying with a credit card, the success or failure of the credit card authorization does not mean that the Company has received the transaction amount. The Company’s collection of funds and the time and method of applying for payment can only be limited or determined according to the regulations and time limits set by you and the respective credit card agencies and related payment institutions, as well as the relevant regulations established or modified by this Service or the Service website.
  • If your credit card payment is declined or unable to be charged for any reason, such as an expired credit card, insufficient funds, or any other reason that causes the Company unable to receive the payable amount and you have not taken any action to cancel this Service, the Company has the right to suspend all your usage rights to this Service until the Company successfully charges the fee through the valid payment method you provided, and the suspension will be lifted only after the successful payment.
  • After the user or you generate a confirmed charging behavior in this Service, the Company will provide the corresponding service content to the user according to the content and duration of the charging plan chosen by the user, and automatically charge the fee from the valid payment method provided by you in each payment cycle. By making the first payment, you agree to the billing mechanism of this Service. Therefore, the Company will directly verify the payment through the credit card agency and notify you of the billing details. The billing cycle depends on the point in time when the payment is successfully made for each cycle.
  • The fee charged to you according to the selected subscription period will include taxes that may be generated due to the fee or may include specific fees that may be charged to you by the credit card issuing institution based on the region. For example, cross-border transaction fees, please consult your issuing institution. The amount of taxes will vary based on the tax regulations established by the government and related institutions of your country/region or local city. Any changes in taxes will be automatically applied based on the account information you provided.
  • After purchase, you can log in to the service and enter the account page to view your current purchased services, the date of the next payment, and the details of all past payment records. Contact us today at if you found any irregular payment of your transaction.
  • You agree that the service may change the price of paid subscriptions from time to time due to discounts or in order to improve the quality of user experience, including periodic subscription fees, renewal fees or prices of any related products of this service, and the company will also notify you in advance within a reasonable time before the price change, and it will take effect at the beginning of the next subscription service period after the price change. If you do not obtain the content information of the price update of this service due to any technical problems or unreasonable delays, Please contact us at
  • If the price changes have taken effect and you continue to pay for and use this Service, it means that you have accepted the new price and fees of this Service. If you do not agree to the price changes of this Service, you still have the right to cancel the paid subscription to this Service before the new price takes effect.
  • You can cancel this Service at any time by logging into your account and entering the account page. You can still use this Service during the current charged period, and the Company will suspend your account and stop charging you for the next period on the next billing date. You agree that within the applicable legal permit, the Company will not provide any refunds for any portion of the subscribed period (except for fraudulent use or card skimming under Article 12) and the Company will not make any refunds based on any circumstances or usage ratio, cycle time for users who cancel the service before a complete cycle.
  • You agree and understand that if you choose to upgrade your plan service before the end of a service period that you have not fully utilized, the Company will immediately verify the payment through the credit card agency and notify you of the payment details for the upgraded plan. The Company will gift the remaining unused period of the original plan to your new plan free of charge. For example, if the plan starts every year in January, and you have used 12 months of the original plan, and you upgrade to a new plan in the 11th month, the system will start charging for the new plan from the 13th month and compensate for the remaining days of the unused period in the old plan as an extension. Therefore, your new plan period will be (12-11+12) = 13 months. The computation of compensation extension will be based on a daily basis for each plan’s basic period.
  • If you experience immediate payment or periodic payment issues due to credit card fraud or unauthorized use by others, you should immediately notify your credit card issuing institution to stop credit card transaction services and provide the Company with documents that can prove the purchase of a product or subscription for a specific period of this Service was subject to fraudulent or unauthorized use by others. The Company will refund you according to the amount stolen and cancel any product of this Service that you purchased due to the above situation after receiving the proof documents and confirmation from the relevant institution.
  • You agree and understand that if the following situations occur: a refund is overdue or the refunded amount cannot be collected by you, the revocation and authorization of the payment are not within the scope of this Service, and the Company can only comply with the established regulations and time limits of the credit card agencies and related billing institutions as well as the relevant regulations established or modified by this Service or website. Therefore, the Company will not be liable for any losses incurred by you and will not be responsible for any related responsibilities.
  • To use our service, you must be a natural person or a legal entity with full legal capacity. If, after our verification, we find that you have violated these terms or legal regulations, we reserve the right to cancel the purchase and subscription of the service, and we will not be responsible for any of your actions. We also reserve the right to seek compensation from you or your organization for any damage or loss that has been or may be caused to the Company.
  • You agree that our company has the right to restrict and grade the user’s use of this service according to different billing plans in order to ensure that users of each billing plan can reasonably and fairly use this service.

4.UserServices and Restrictions)

  • When using our services, you shall not register an account for any other person or company, nor impersonate any name, name of legal representative or telephone number of any other person or company.
  • The user has the right to view, modify and manage the company information of the account at any time. However, the user cannot modify information such as the account number that can identify the user’s identity to our company.
  • If the user modifies any company information that causes adverse influence or consequences on society, politics or the public after modification, our company will not assume any responsibility for any consequences caused by the user.
  • You understand and agree that you are responsible for all content that you publicly or privately transmit, select, disseminate, upload, publish, or distribute through MICARD. Before uploading, editing or publishing any content on MICARD, please ensure that you always comply with all applicable local laws and regulations as well as what is stipulated within these Terms of Service.
  • You agree to grant us the right to use your content on MICARD free of charge and royalty-free solely for the purposes of promoting, improving and developing our services.
  • You agree that you will not collect any personal information without consent from the individuals concerned.
  • You agree that we may be required to retain or provide, disclose your content in order to comply with applicable laws or regulations or other applicable legal processes.
  • You fully understand and agree that MICARD system services, MICARD is an online service which may encounter various risks such as natural disasters, diseases, network factors beyond our control, which may lead to temporary service interruptions. In this case, our company will resume service as soon as possible, but the responsibility and losses caused by the above factors including but not limited to this will be borne by the user. Our company will not assume any direct or indirect loss liability for you.
  • We will make every reasonable effort to protect the information and messages you transmit to us or obtain from our services. Please refer to the privacy policy for more details.

5.(Terms for User Content)

When you use MICARD system services or interact with other MI users, you may choose to send, upload, transmit or otherwise provide content to our company and/or other users of our services. But you agree that all content you send, upload, communicate, transmit or otherwise provide must comply with the terms:

  • You agree and undertake that the information shall be accurate and true. You shall assume all corresponding legal liabilities for any content that you upload and publicly transmit.
  • You agree and undertake not to upload, post, transmit or publish any content containing viruses or that may cause harm or damage to the software or hardware of any person.
  • You agree and undertake not to engage in any illegal transactions or post or publish exaggerated content that is untimely through this service.
  • You agree and undertake not to disseminate any information that could induce, imply, or otherwise cause others to engage in any illegal transactions that violate regulations or laws.
  • You agree and undertake not to infringe, misappropriate or violate the rights of any third party, including but not limited to privacy rights, advertising rights, copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights, copyrights, patents and/or other intellectual property rights.
  • You agree and undertake not to violate any mandatory provisions of any current laws or administrative regulations.
  • You agree and undertake that the content in MICARD system services and MI shall not contain any messages or information that can be interpreted as threatening, belittling, defamatory, obscene, indecent, religious, racial or ethnic attacks, discriminatory, insulting, libelous, fabricated or other illegal or inappropriate messages and information.
  • You agree and undertake that the content in MICARD system services and MI shall not contain any unauthorized advertising, promotional materials or any other form of solicitation. (Such as “spam”, “junk mail”, “chain letters”, “phishing links”, “viral links, sites”, “gambling”,”fraud”, etc.)
  • You agree and undertake not to use any automated login and abnormal operational methods to collect or attack MICARD, WEB, APP and related websites of this service.
  • You agree and undertake that the content within MICARD system services shall not contain uploading of any data and information that you do not have the legal right to publish. (Such as insider information or other confidential information)
  • You agree and undertake not to go against the basic principles of your country’s constitution, and not to endanger national security or leak state secrets.
  • You agree and undertake that any content sent within this APP, including any data, documents, images, text, sound, your geographical location information and other content, will not be applicable for rescue calls, emergency calls, seeking assistance and emergency events related to your own life, the lives of others or groups, as this service cannot guarantee the timeliness of messages due to many uncontrollable factors. If you unfortunately suffer any losses or harm as a result, our company and any relevant partners will not be able to assume any direct or indirect loss liability for you.
  • You agree and undertake that any messages posted shall not contain viruses, links, information or technologies that may damage the service or other users. MICARD does not take any responsibility for or endorse the content published within the service.
  • You agree and undertake not to forge publicly available data sources or interfere with the determination of the sources in any way.
  • MICARD does not moderate the published content, so we are not responsible for any information in any content you provide or third party content, or the information therein, nor provide or otherwise use the service. We are not responsible for the deletion or loss of any content. You should be responsible for your content and bear all legal liability for any content that violates these terms. In terms of the messages you upload or send, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, adapt, modify, translate, distribute and sublicense these contents. You also agree to grant us the right to take legal action against those who infringe the copyright of the aforementioned information and messages in our own name and obtain all compensation. Please ensure that you have all necessary rights to grant us such licenses.

6.(Reporting and Complaints)

  • You agree and comply with the fact that if any company or business card information you have published is reported by anyone or other users, the Company will review the report based on the service terms at its discretion after receiving the description of the report. If the reported violation is confirmed by the Company, the relevant rules will be applied to suspend the account. In case of serious violations, the Company may directly delete all your account content.
  • You agree and comply with the fact that if any company or business card information you have published is reported by a large number of people or other users, the Company may suspend or delete your account without your consent or prior notice.
  • If you have any questions about account suspension or deletion, we recommend that you contact us via the following link:

7.(Deletion of Employee Accounts

When a user chooses to delete an employee account or is deleted due to a violation on this service, our company will not perform any refund for in-app purchases in MICARD service, all actions will be effective after the user completes the process of deleting the employee account, once the employee account in MICARD is deleted by the user, the user will no longer have the right to continue using the services and any paid items of the deleted employee account in MICARD.

8.(Refunds for Employee Accounts Deleted Due to Theft

When an employee account suffers data theft leading to account suspension or deletion, the user should promptly inform our company with employee identity authentication documents and records of the incident, and our company should confirm that this event was not an intrusion by the account holder. In this case, our company should provide some data restoration actions for the old account (only within the technically feasible scope, cannot guarantee 100% data recovery), and provide recovery of paid items lost in the employee account within the service, but you agree that our company will not provide any legal benefits/ non-legal benefits, monetary compensation or any form of compensation equal to the value of the items.

9. (Liability and Compensation)

Our company provides no guarantees for the content of the services under these Terms. The functions provided by this website do not guarantee that they will necessarily meet the specific requirements of users. Our company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive losses, which may result from improper or illegal use of this system or being attacked by hackers. Our company is not responsible for any service interruptions caused by factors of force majeure such as government bans, changes in applicable laws or regulations in effect, riots, wars, power outages, communication line interruptions, or intentional damage by others.

Our company has no obligation to be responsible for any advertiser’s products. If you interact with other merchants or individuals on the network through “MICARD” for contracts, services, purchases, transactions etc., at this time our company is not involved and does not intervene or participate. If there are any defects or disputes regarding the product or service, please contact the merchant or business directly to resolve it, and our company does not bear any guarantee responsibility for this.

The aforementioned contents also apply to all employees, directors, supervisors, agents, auxiliary performers of our company.

10. (Usage and Warranty)

Regardless of the reason, if a customer is not completely satisfied with MICARD’s “Perpetual Card” service, a refund can be obtained within 30 days of purchasing the “Perpetual Card”, simply by contacting our customer service representatives.。The customer should read and agree to accept the following related terms and conditions:

  • The 30-day unconditional refund guarantee only applies to MICARD’s “Perpetual Card” service.
  • It does not apply to the MICARD exclusive service annual fee.
  • There are no refunds for any value-added services or management fees, such as customized Evergreen Card design or adding Perpetual Card functions.
  • There are no refunds for any third-party fees, such as the connection fee from the Perpetual Card to a third-party system.
  • Refunds only apply to the service fee for the physical Perpetual Card provided by MICARD, with the deduction of any outstanding amounts owed by the customer, as well as any administrative fees, transaction fees, bank charges, etc. The refunded amount will be returned to the customer’s payment account.
  • The 30-day unconditional refund guarantee starts from the day the customer receives the physical Perpetual Card from MICARD and is valid for 30 days. No refunds will be issued for any requests made after the expiration of this period.
  • The 30-day satisfaction guarantee for the purchase of MICARD’s “Perpetual Card” service only applies to new customers who are purchasing the service for the first time. If a customer has been a MICARD customer before and cancels the service before reapplying, they will not be eligible for the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Customers who apply for a refund need to return the physical Perpetual Card provided by MICARD to Metro Info Ltd for the refund process to be completed.
  • Customers who lose or physically damage the MICARD “Perpetual Card” will not be eligible for the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Customers who violate the terms of service or service usage guidelines, resulting in the suspension or termination of their account, will automatically forfeit their right to apply for the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • There is no data preloaded in the Perpetual Card that we sell. Customers can set it up according to their usage needs.
  • MICARD and Metro Info Ltd reserve the right to make any final decisions.

11. (Terms explained)

If the user has doubts about the interpretation of the terms of service, the company reserves the right to make the final interpretation of the terms.


The company reserves the right to provide users with advertisements and any commercial promotion in the service.

13. (contact us)

If you have any questions or inquiries about our services or these terms of use, please contact us



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